Coded from the Bottom

You don’t go to school to become a rockstar, therefore it’s only fitting that I had a non-traditional introduction to the world of user experience. My first website was to promote my college radio show which quickly turned into client work. Fast track to today, I’ve created many websites and designed enterprise software used by top Fortune 500 companies.


Launched a Business

It’s key to understand the user. It’s also equally important to understand the business’ goals. To put myself through school I started my own business providing websites and marketing consulting. Thinking like a business owner allows me to see the future of a software before it’s realized.


A User Advocate

Producing an experience that meets the needs outlined by the users is the minimum requirement, I’m passionate about creating software that delights people. Making the complex simple is half the game, saving the user time and getting them hooked is the real goal.

Analytical Mind

Where research and data is daunting for some, it actually brings a smile to my face. I believe it’s important to ground your decisions in data where applicable. How can you determine how far you’ve come if you never created a method to measure your success?¬†Also, I’m pretty handy with Excel, usually saving co-workers hours of lost time.