Delaying Launch of my Beat Store

So we’re at the 30 day mark for my “Launch my Beat Store in 30 Days” and I’m sad to say I’m going to push out the date. I’ve made great progress towards being ready for launch but there are a few outstanding items that are too important to launch without.

So first let’s recap where I wanted to be:

  1. Select an e-commerce vendor to use and embed it in my website
  2. Design a page on my website to host the beat store
  3. Produce at least 10 production ready beats for sale
  4. Produce an intro video for the beat store
  5. Clean up my Facebook and YouTube pages
  6. Setup my email marketing

So where am I today?

  1. E-commerce vendor: MyFlashStore – Done
  2. The page is ready (but still not live) – Done
  3.  I have been able to produce 6 beats ready for sale – Mostly Done
  4. Have not been able to start this – Not Done
  5. Done for a good start (always ongoing process) – Done
  6. All setup – Done

So when do I plan to get the store launched and why am I delaying?

Well, I have finally got good mixes and arrangements for my beats but they still need to be mastered. Additionally, I really want to get my introduction video complete before launching the page.

My plan is to get this all launched within the next week or two maximum.

Appreciate the support and patience.


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