SEO Checker Update: Free Competitor Keyword Tool

As promised, I made the SEO Checker into a free competitor keyword tool. The day I released the first version of the SEO Checker I had a thought.

Now that it’s easier to see what your page title and description will look like, wouldn’t it be amazing to see how it will compare with real search results?

I knew I had to build this right away. With no delay I got to building this feature the same night. Now only a couple of days later it’s live!

What does this new feature look like?

In the following GIF you can see there’s a new Keyword input that follows the title and description. As you can see, as you type it will automatically start to populate the page with search results. Where am I getting the results? Straight from Google using their Custom Search API.Why I’m so excited by this feature

Free Competitor Keyword Tool - SEO Checker

Free Competitor Keyword Tool

Why should I care about this free competitor keyword tool?

Now you can compare how your page will look against your competition in seconds. Switch between several sets of results with a few key strokes to see where your page fits best. As well, you can see who you will be competing with by looking at the website.

See how you're competitors are - SEO Checker

See how your competitors are

On top of that, it also checks to make sure you have the right length of your title and description while giving you a real-world preview. And it’s free.

Here’s a few benefits I’ve already seen by using the tool myself:

Why did I make this for free?

I love to design and to solve problems. I found myself annoyed over-and-over again trying to get the right length for me titles and descriptions using character counters.  On top of that, I found myself going back and forth between tools doing keyword research. So I took a stab at solving both problems.

Make it a painless process to do quick research and get a preview of how your page will stack up.


I really hope that you enjoy using this free keyword research tool as much as I do. To get your hands on it you can check it out here. If you want to share some love, please share it around.

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